Yale University, Primary Instructor

Environmental Inequalities, (AMST, ER&M, EVST), Undergraduate Seminar

Wilderness in the North American Imagination, (AMST, EVST), Undergraduate Seminar

Yale University, Graduate Student Teaching Fellow

American Novel Since 1945, Prof. Amy Hungerford

Introduction to Ethnicity, Race, and Migration, Prof. Alicia Schmidt Camacho

The American West, Prof. John Mack Faragher

Media and Medicine in Modern America, Prof. John Harley Warner, Ph.D., and Gretchen Berland, M.D

Yale Center for Teaching and Learning, Instructor

Fundamentals of Teaching History (four-part series)
Teaching First Generation & Non-Traditional Students
Promoting Reading Excellence in the Humanities
Promoting Writing Excellence in the Humanities
Lecture Observation Series (two-part series)
Peer Observation Series (two sessions)
Grading and Academic Honesty

Intern for a Teaching American History Grant, University of Arizona 

Flowing Wells High School English Teacher

11th Grade American Literature
10th Grade English Literature