Article: “Watershed Colonialism and Popular Geographies of North American Rivers,” Open Rivers 8 (Fall 2017): 12-28. Related Talks: “Maintaining Colonialism: A Dam Strategy,” Cultural Studies Association Annual Conference, Georgetown University, May 25-27, 2017. “Rivers of America,” Water and the Making of Place in North America, Princeton University, October 14., 2016. “‘Can We Afford Life Itself?’: … Continue reading Rivers

U.S.-Mexico Border/ Borderlands

Related Talks: “Currents and Currencies: Mojados Moving Against the Current,” Critical Encounters: Conversations in American Studies, Yale Working Group on Globalization and Culture, Yale University, April 24, 2015. “Wetback: Coming to Terms with Mexico-U.S. River Crossings,” American Society for Ethnohistory Annual Meeting, New Orleans, September 11-14, 2013. “Local Memories and Dreams on the Periphery of … Continue reading U.S.-Mexico Border/ Borderlands

Climate Justice

Related Talk: “Climate Change and the Caribbean,” public talk sponsored by the Caribbean Support Group, Lawrence University, October 30, 2017.


Article: “Environment in Debt,” Social Text Periscope: Going Into Debt (September 2011) with responses by David Graeber and Richard Dienst. Selection from David Graeber’s Comments on the Social Text Debt Dossier: Sigma Colón’s essay on environmental debt poses the most troubling paradox of all. It is perhaps the ultimate example of the moral perils of the … Continue reading Debt

Invasive Species

Article: “Occupying Nature: Fishing for Meaning in the Asian Carp,” Transforming Anthropology 22:1 (April 2014) Selection from Yousuf Al-Bulushi’s introductory comments to the special issue of Transforming Anthropology, “Spaces and Times of Occupation”: Sigma Colón forces us to think about the links between the workplace as a site for doing battle and the broader environment. In other parlance, … Continue reading Invasive Species